Our purpose is threefold:

Provide financial assistance to our library

Promote the library as a learning center for the community

Advocate for improved library services

Roswell Library


The Friends of the Roswell Library were formed in 1984 when several concerned Roswell citizens sought to supplement the needs of their local library. We are a non-profit service organization dedicated to supporting the Roswell Library, a branch of the Atlanta-Fulton Public Library System in Fulton County, Georgia.


The purpose of the Friends of the Roswell Library is to provide financial assistance to the library, to promote the library as a learning center for all citizens in the community, and to act as an advocate for improved library services.


We provide volunteer and financial assistance for special library needs and events. This assistance provides supplemental support for the Roswell Library. Financial assistance is raised through book sales, membership dues, and donations.
      Over the years, the Friends have sponsored book sales and library programs. We have donated volunteer hours, purchased books and other items for the collection, replaced keyboards and computer mice, and purchased special equipment such as a digital camera, an LCD projector, and a laptop computer. Every summer, the Friends purchase prizes for the library's summer reading programs. We also provide books for children's book discussion groups.
      The bookmarks you receive when you check out materials are also purchased by the Friends.
      The Friends have donated time and materials for library improvements such as lobby renovations and the grounds around the library, including brick pathways and park benches in the wooded area in the center of the parking lot.
      The Friends also sponsor Roswell Reads, a community-wide reading event, as well as monthly book clubs that meet at the library: Noonday Nosh and the Mystery Book Club.


The general membership of the Friends of the Roswell Library meets once a year in May. At this meeting, new directors are elected and the Board and officers are introduced. 
      The Board of Directors meets every other month throughout the year to carry out the business of our organization. Board meetings are open to the membership.


Your support makes a difference. Members are invited to help in a variety of ways: work at book sales or the Bookstore, staff appreciation, volunteer appreciation, outdoor planting and upkeep, and other projects. Members are also welcome to volunteer their time by helping library staff through the library system's volunteer program.



Did you know the Roswell Library is about to be renovated? The community is invited to give input during this, the planning process.
     The initial meeting will be Tuesday, June 13th, 2017, and is to gather input. It will be from 6:00 to 7:00 in the main reading section in the center of the library.  
     The second meeting, date to be determined, will be to present preliminary designs.
    Please plan to attend.