Our purpose is threefold:

Provide financial assistance to our library; promote the library as a learning center for the community; and advocate for improved library services.


The Friends of the Roswell Library was formed in 1984 when several concerned Roswell citizens sought to supplement the needs of their library. We are a non-profit service organization dedicated to supporting literacy and the Roswell Library, a branch of the Fulton County Library System in Fulton County, Georgia.


The Friends provide volunteer and financial support for special library needs and events. Our assistance complements and expands what the County provides. Our funds are raised through periodic book sales of donated materials (books, magazines, CDs, DVDs, educational games, etc.), membership dues, and monetary donations.
      Over the years, the Friends have conducted multiple book sales and donated thousands of volunteer hours to support the library. Often members can be seen working in the bookstore or helping out in the library. The Friends have purchased books, CDs, and DVDs for the collection and equipment (booktrucks, carts, a printer and supplies, revolving bookcases, stools, bookmarks, etc.) to support staff and patrons. We purchase books for children's and adult book discussion groups and, every summer, the Friends support the Summer Reading Program by buying books and prizes for children, young adults and adult participants as well as providing funds for supplemental programs to increase the breadth and depth of the very popular, summer event at the library.  The Friends also underwrite both Roswell Reads, a community-wide reading event, and the Atlanta Authors programs. We are a busy group.


The general membership of the Friends of the Roswell Library meets once a year in May. At this meeting, new directors are elected and the Board and officers are introduced. 
      The Board of Directors meets every other month throughout the year to carry out the business of our organization. Board meetings are open to the membership.


Your support makes a difference. Members are invited to help in a variety of ways: you can work at periodic book sales or in the bookstore, help with staff appreciation (often a luncheon), outdoor planting and upkeep, or in various other capacities. Members are also welcome to volunteer their time by helping library staff and/or patrons through the Fulton County Library System Volunteer Program.

Because of the library's renovation and closing, the Friends are not currently soliciting new members. When the renovation is complete, we will have a “Grand Reopening" and will redouble our efforts to recruit new members. We hope to see you or hear from you then.